Items in this list appearing in black italics are archived releases, included here for historical reasons only. The links take you to a page with details of what was on these releases, but they are not part of the new TCF Catalogue. Items in normal text have been re-released, but the catalogue numbers and contents may have changed slightly. There are gaps in the numbering because some releases have been lost to time.
Off the Record project
TCF Hitbox project
TCF 001Over the Top For Jesus 1
TCF 002Over the Top For Jesus 2
TCF 003Blazing Hot '86/'87
TCF 004Stereo Spectacular '88
TCF 017Blazing Hot '91 (Volume 1)
TCF 018Blazing Hot '91 (Volume 2)
TCF 020Rewind the Clock (Volume 1)
TCF 021Take Two (No. 1)
TCF 0231990: The Charttoppers
TCF 024Hot 4 U '92
TCF 025Rewind the Clock (Volume 2)
TCF 026808 State - 808:90 & ex.el
TCF 032Roxette Bonus
TCF 033Inspirational Instrumentals 1
TCF 034Be Green! (original version)
TCF 034Be Green! (2nd edition)
TCF 036Samia's Selections 3
TCF 037Samia's Selections 4
TCF 039Samia's Selections (Volume 5)
TCF 042The Cream of '91 (Vol. I)
TCF 043The Cream of '91 (Vol. II)
TCF 044'89 the Hits - 23 big hits from 1989
TCF 045Tammy's Collection (1)
TCF 046Christine's Collection (1)
TCF 047Christine's Collection (2)
TCF 048Samia's Selections #6
TCF 049Samia's Selections #7
TCF 050Steve's Top 10
TCF 051Samia's Selections #8
TCF 052Samia's Selections #9
TCF 053Samias Selections (10)
TCF 054Tammy's Collection (2)
TCF 055Samia's Selections (11)
TCF 056Samia's Selections (12)
TCF 057Samia's Selections (13)
TCF 058Tammy's Collection (3)
TCF 059Flix Hits - big hit singles from big hit movies
TCF 060Cheree's Collection (1)
TCF 065Tammy's Collection (4)
TCF 066Tammy's Collection (5)
TCF 069Tammy's Collection #6
TCF 070Tammy's Collection #7
TCF 072Tammy's Collection #8
TCF 073Tammy's Collection #9
TCF 077Inspirational Instrumentals 2
TCF 080Remember Me - 6 songs for a special friend
TCF 081Petra Plus
TCF 082John Farnham: The Voice (Bonus Edition)
TCF 084The Best of The Hit Factory
TCF 086Inspirational Instrumentals 3
TCF 091The Best of Inspirational Instrumentals
TCF 098Samia's Selections #14
TCF 099Samia's Selections #15
TCF 100The Best of TCF Productions: celebrating TCF Productions' 100th compilation
TCF 101Nathan's Hot Hits #1
TCF 102Nathan's Hot Hits #2
TCF 104Nathan's Hot Hits #4
TCF 105Nathan's Hot Hits #5
TCF 106Nathan's Hot Hits #6
TCF 107Nathan's Hot Hits #7
TCF 108Nathan's Hot Hits #8
TCF 109To Dad... from Nathan
TCF 109To Mum... from Nathan
TCF 112Nathan's Birthday Tape
TCF 113Just 4 Fun: 10 Novelty Hits (original version)
TCF 113Just 4 Fun: 12 Novelty Hits (2nd edition)
TCF 114Australian Double-Shots 1: Jimmy Barnes/Icehouse
TCF 115Australian Double-Shots 2: John Farnham/Various
TCF 116Bryan Adams - Waking up the Neighbourhood
TCF 117TCF 4-PLAYS (5): Nik Kershaw
TCF 119TCF 4-PLAYS (6): Pointer Sisters
TCF 120TCF 4-PLAYS (7): 1927
TCF 121TCF 4-PLAYS (8): Richard Marx
TCF 122TCF 4-PLAYS (9): Boom Crash Opera
TCF 123TCF 4-PLAYS (10): Paula Abdul
TCF 124TCF 4-PLAYS (11): AC/DC
TCF 125TCF 4-PLAYS (12): Rick Astley
TCF 126TCF 4-PLAYS (13): The Bangles
TCF 127TCF 4-PLAYS (14): Pat Benatar
TCF 128TCF 4-PLAYS (15): Black Box
TCF 129TCF 4-PLAYS (16): Daryl Braithwaite
TCF 130TCF 4-PLAYS (17): Bros
TCF 131TCF 4-PLAYS (18): Bobby Brown
TCF 132TCF 4-PLAYS (19): Natalie Cole
TCF 133TCF 4-PLAYS (20): Collette
TCF 134TCF 4-PLAYS (21): Phil Collins
TCF 135TCF 4-PLAYS (22): Crowded House
TCF 136TCF 4-PLAYS (23): Culture Club
TCF 137TCF 4-PLAYS (24): Taylor Dayne
TCF 138TCF 4-PLAYS (25): Dead Or Alive
TCF 139TCF 4-PLAYS (26): Johnny Diesel & The Injectors
TCF 140TCF 4-PLAYS (27): Divinyls
TCF 141TCF 4-PLAYS (28): 808 State
TCF 142TCF 4-PLAYS (29): Eurogliders
TCF 143TCF 4-PLAYS (30): Go West
TCF 144TCF 4-PLAYS (31): Fine Young Cannibals
TCF 146TCF 6-PACKS: 2. John Farnham
TCF 147TCF 6-PACKS: 3. Jason Donovan
TCF 148TCF 6-PACKS: 4. Jimmy Barnes
TCF 149TCF 6-PACKS: 5. Icehouse
TCF 150TCF 6-PACKS: 6. Eurythmics
TCF 151TCF 6-PACKS: 7. New Kids On The Block
TCF 152TCF 6-PACKS: 8. Bananarama
TCF 153TCF 6-PACKS: 9. Models
TCF 154TCF 6-PACKS: 10. Kylie Minogue
TCF 155TCF 4-PLAYS (32): Heart
TCF 156TCF 4-PLAYS: 33. Hoodoo Gurus
TCF 157TCF 6-PACKS: 11. Amy Grant
TCF 158TCF 4-PLAYS: 34. Billy Idol
TCF 159TCF 4-PLAYS: 35. Billy Joel
TCF 160TCF 6-PACKS: 12. The Beatles
TCF 161TCF 4-PLAYS: 36. Paul Kelly
TCF 162TCF 4-PLAYS: 37. Howard Jones
TCF 163TCF 6-PACKS: 13. Cockroaches
TCF 164TCF 4-PLAYS: 38. Cyndi Lauper
TCF 165TCF 4-PLAYS: 39. Tim Finn
TCF 166TCF 6-PACKS: 14. The Cure
TCF 167TCF 4-PLAYS: 40. Fleetwood Mac
TCF 168TCF 4-PLAYS: 41. Noiseworks
TCF 169TCF 6-PACKS: 15. Dragon
TCF 170TCF 4-PLAYS: 42. Nik Kershaw
TCF 171TCF 4-PLAYS: 43. Billy Ocean
TCF 172TCF 6-PACKS: 16. Duran Duran
TCF 173TCF 4-PLAYS: 44. Poison
TCF 174TCF 4-PLAYS: 45. Pseudo Echo
TCF 175TCF 6-PACKS: 17. Whitney Houston
TCF 176TCF 4-PLAYS: 46. Queen
TCF 177TCF 4-PLAYS: 47. James Reyne
TCF 178TCF 6-PACKS: 48. Huey Lewis & The News
TCF 179TCF 4-PLAYS: 18. Simple Minds
TCF 180TCF 4-PLAYS: 49. Split Enz
TCF 181TCF 6-PACKS: 19. Roxette
TCF 182TCF 4-PLAYS: 50. Paul Young
TCF 183TCF 4-PLAYS: 51. Tears For Fears
TCF 184TCF 6-PACKS: 20. Mental As Anything
TCF 185TCF 4-PLAYS: 52. Transvision Vamp
TCF 186TCF 4-PLAYS: 53. Uncanny X-Men
TCF 187TCF 6-PACKS: 21. U2
TCF 188TCF 4-PLAYS: 54. UB40
TCF 189TCF 4-PLAYS: 55. Margaret Urlich
TCF 190TCF 6-PACKS: 22. Tina Turner
TCF 191TCF 4-PLAYS: 56. Alannah Myles
TCF 193TCF 4-PLAYS: 57. Craig McLachlan & Check 1-2
TCF 194Hit Factory 2
TCF ---Samia's Selections (2)
TCF ---Caroline's Collection (Volume 1)
TCF ---Just Think of Me Please

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