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TCF 047: Off Target (Australia, Volume 3)
1PASSION  [7" Version]  Kandu  3'23"
(Andy Sidari)  DSK Publishing  ℗ 1990 DSK Records Pty. Ltd.  A DSK Production
2LOSING YOUR TOUCH  Tina Cross  3'39"
(A. Siccone/R. Sinclair)  Laser  ℗ 1982 Laser Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Robin Sinclair
3ALL THAT STUFF  Matt Moffitt  4'00"
(M. Moffitt/P. Glenister)  Castle/Chappell/Intersong  ℗ 1986 CBS Productions Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Nicky Graham
4NO REINS ON ME  Little River Band  4'37"
(Graham Goble)  Ragtime  ℗ 1986 Capitol Records Inc.  Produced by Richard Dodd
5SHIPS  [Single Version]  Avion  4'09"
(R. Waller/J. Waller)  Gilbey  ℗ 1986 EMI Records Austrlalia Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Peter Dawkins, Peter Blyton and Avion
6SHALL WE GO  Dropbears  4'42"
(J. Batchelor)  MMA  ℗ 1985 WEA Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Alan Mansfield
7PAPA-OOM-MOW-MOW  Delltones  3'29"
(A. Frazier/C. White/T. Wilson, Jr./J. Harris)  Castle  ℗ 1984 Starseed Enterprises Pty. Ltd., under exclusive license to Chase Records Ltd.  Produced by Bruce Brown and Russell Dunlop for BAD Productions
8THINK OF ME  [Album Version]  Koo de Tah  3'54"
(Leon Berger)  Why Music  ℗ 1986 PolyGram Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Leon Berger and Doug Henderson
9SINGING IN THE SHOWER  Solid Citizens  3'07"
(Walker/Muirhead/Barnes)  Chris Gilbey  ℗ 1984 RCA Limited  Produced by Mark Goldberg and Michael Shipley
10TOO MUCH TOO SOON  John Farnham  3'27"
(J. Parker/M. Shannon)  ATV Northern  ℗ 1981 WBE Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Mark Moffatt with the John Farnham Band
11STAND BACK  Roxus  3'21"
(Roxas/Cool/Faraci)  Mushroom  ℗ 1989 Melodian Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Jim Faraci
12WESTERN WORLD  Scary Bill  3'27"
(Gunther/Hyde/Carter)  Control  ℗ 1989 Welcome Stranger Records  Produced by Garth Porter
13SOME PEOPLE (HAVE ALL THE FUN)  Jon English  3'56"
(John Dallimore/Jon English)  Savage Music  ℗ 1983 Midnight Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by David Mackay
14WILL NOT WAIT  M.S.P. Band  3'28"
(S. Peters)  Albert  ℗ 1985 Albert Productions  Produced by M.S.P.
15GAS STOP (WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE)  [Album Version]  Boxcar  4'22"
(Boxcar)  Control  ℗ 1990 Volition Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Robert Racic for db Productions
16BIG PICTURE  Makers  4'15"
(Brian Baker/Eddie Rayner)  Rondor/Mana Music  ℗ 1990 Mana Music Productions Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Brian Baker and Eddie Rayner  Mixed by Hugh Padgham
17JUNK FUNK (MACHINE AGE VOODOO)  [7" Version]  SPK  3'31"
(Graeme Revell/Sinan)  Control  ℗ 1984 Elektra/Asylum Records Inc for the United States and WEA International Inc. for the world outside of the United States  Produced by Graeme Revell
18SWEAT IT OUT  [7" Mix]  Rockmelons  3'53"
(Jones/Medhurst/Jones)  Control  ℗ 1985 True Tone Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Tim Kramer
19HOLD ME  Colin James Hay  4'08"
(C. J. Hay)  CBS Songs  ℗ 1986 CBS Inc.  Produced by Robin Millar for Multi Media London Limited
20ABBATAK (THE HOUSE THAT ABBA BUILT)  [7" Version]  Donald Wasn't  4'06"
(Donald Wasn't)  rooArt Music/Peer  ℗ 1990 rooArt  Produced by Donald Wasn't & J. Van Stom  Mixed by Nick Mainsbridge

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