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TCF 098: Off Target (Australia, Volume 6)
1TRY  Pseudo Echo  4'19"
(B. Canham/J. Leigh)  Control  ℗ 1985 EMI Records Australia Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Mark S. Berry
2ALL MIXED UP  [7" Version]  Twins  3'05"
(Stock/Aitken/Waterman)  Mushroom  ℗ 1991 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.  A STOCK/AITKEN/WATERMAN PRODUCTION
3MIDNIGHT MAN  [7" Version]  Flash & the Pan  3'56"
(Vanda & Young)  Albert  ℗ 1984 Albert Productions  Produced by Vanda & Young for Albert Productions
4HARD LUCK STORY  Men At Work  3'43"
(C. Hay)  CBS Songs  ℗ 1985 CBS Inc.  Produced by Colin Hay & Greg Ham
5I HEAR YOU KNOCKING  [Cement Mix]  Craig McLachlan  3'38"
(D. Bartholomew/P. King)  J. Albert & Son  ℗ 1992 Sony Music Productions Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Mark Moffatt
6SO LONELY NOW  [Single Version]  State  3'21"
(P. Buckle)  Gilbey  ℗ 1988 BMG Arista/Ariola Pty. Ltd.  Produced by The State & Peter Hoyland  Mixed by Doug Brady & Ross Fraser
7LATELY  [Single Version]  No Justice  3'02"
(Chook/O'Keefe/Rachelle)  Mushroom  ℗ 1990 Melodian Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Duffy & No Justice
8DON'T FORGET ME  1927  4'38"
(Eric Weideman)  Warner Bros.  ℗ 1990 Trafalgar Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Charles Fisher for Minute/Trafalgar Productions
9MR. RAIN  Ian Moss  4'19"
(Moss/Tiven/Tiven)  Mosstrooper/Bug-Matthews  ℗ 1989 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Chris Lord-Alge and Ian Moss
10STRONG AS STEEL  [Single Edit]  Tina Arena  4'02"
(D. Warren)  EMI Music  ℗ 1990 Avenue Records, a division of the Image Music Group Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Ross Inglis and Doug Brady for Mike Brady Pty. Ltd.
11THE HEART OF IT  [Single Edit]  Richard Clapton  3'18"
(Richard Clapton)  Gypsy  ℗ 1984 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Moffatt/Fataar/Kramer
12TOUGHEN UP  Olivia Newton-John  3'47"
(Terry Britten/Graham Lyle)  Festival/Rondor  ℗ 1985 ONJ Productions Inc.  Produced by John Farrar for Buffalo Music
13JET AIRLINER  [Album Version]  Farmhouse featuring Pat "The Rap" Powell  3'46"
(Paul Pena)  Warner Bros.  ℗ 1991 Flintworth Pty. Ltd.  Produced by The Leisuremasters  Recorded and mixed by M. C. Gee
14OUT OF CONTROL (ROUND AND ROUND)  [Single Mix]  Beatfish  4'01"
(James Freud/Martin Plaza)  BMG Music  ℗ 1991 Why Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Robert Racic
15ON OUR WAY NOW  Dynamic Hepnotics  4'13"
(R. Susz)  Mushroom  ℗ 1986 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Joe Wissert for Nu-Plastique
16INITIATION  [Album Version]  GANGgajang  3'27"
(Bidstrup/Callaghan)  MCA/Gilbey  ℗ 1986 Gajang Productions  Produced by GANGgajang
17WESTERN GIRLS  Dragon  4'09"
(J. Pigott/T. Hunter)  MCA/Gilbey/CBS Songs/Essex/Humanoid  ℗ 1986 PolyGram Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Todd Rundgren for Alchemedia Productions Inc.
18BREAK DOWN THE WALLS  Full Marks  3'23"
(Fredericks)  Control  ℗ 1985 CBS Productions Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Steve Katz and Tim Kramer
19ANGEL (OF THE JUNKHEAP)  Tribe  3'46"
(Preston/Lunn)  MMA/Rondor/CBS Songs  ℗ 1984 CBS Productions Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Ricky Fataar
20HOUSE DIVIDED  [Single Edit]  Rick Price  3'41"
(Rick Price/Pam Reswick/Steve Werfel)  Sony/Warner  ℗ 1992 Sony Music Entertainment (Australia) Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Chris Lord-Alge

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