Other Compilations

On this page is a list of all compilations currently available in the TCF Catalogue not on other pages. This includes items in the TCF Museum which have been re-released.


A 2-CD set showcasing the songs of Diane Warren.

A Ton of Hits

A series of DVDs each containing 100 tracks based on a theme, similar to the 1,001 MP3s series

The Golden Age of K-Pop

A 3-DVD set of 100 tracks each chronicling the best of Korean pop music during the "golden" decade 1985-1996.

The TCF Hitbox was a series of four long playing mixtapes created in 1993 containing an eclectic mix of tracks, mostly from the 80s and 90s with a few older ones sprinkled in for nostalgia. For re-release, these tapes are being issued as eight seperate items, one per side.

TCF TCF Hitbox 1
TCF TCF Hitbox 2
TCF TCF Hitbox 3
TCF TCF Hitbox 4
TCF TCF Hitbox 5
TCF TCF Hitbox 6
TCF TCF Hitbox 7
TCF TCF Hitbox 8

TCF 001Over the Top for Jesus 1
TCF 002Over the Top for Jesus 2
TCF 003Blazing Hot '86/'87
TCF 004Stereo Spectacular '88
TCF 017Blazing Hot '91 (Volume 1)
TCF 018Blazing Hot '91 (Volume 2)
TCF 020Rewind the Clock (Volume 1)
TCF 0231990: The Charttoppers
TCF 024Hot 4 U '92
TCF 032Roxette Bonus
TCF 034Be Green!
TCF 042The Cream of '91 (Volume I)
TCF 043The Cream of '91 (Volume II)
TCF 044'89 the Hits - 23 big hits from 1989
TCF 059Flix Hits - big hit singles from big hit movies
TCF 080Remember Me
TCF 081Petra Plus
TCF 082John Farnham: The Voice (Bonus Edition)
TCF 113Just 4 Fun: 12 Novelty Hits (2nd edition)
TCF 081Petra Plus

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