d-Wizz has a large collection of vinyl records, and has been transferring many of them to digital formats (WAV & MP3). This section of the website contains comprehensive information about this project, including links to all the PDF Index files and a complete database of all released titles, and even a listing of those recordings which have been mastered, but are pending release for some reason, and another list of titles which are in the queue to be recorded (this queue is always changing, so watch this page often).

Please note that none of the recordings in the database are available for download from this site, but if you know where to look offsite, you might strike gold ;-)

The database was last updated on: 2010-05-28

The project is structured around DVD discs. As the vinyl records are digitally recorded and mastered, they are stored as WAV files on DVD-R discs. As of the update date, the most recent DVD WAV disc released was #82, on 2010-02-14.

Each WAV DVD contains 4.38Gb of WAV data, which yields approximately 700MB of MP3 when encoded at 224kb. Some WAVs are encoded at 192kb to bring the total size to within the capacity of a CD-R. Thus, each WAV DVD is equivalent to an MP3 CD.

However, for this project, the MP3s are released on DVDs, not CD-Rs. There are two versions of the collection available: "full" versions encoded at 224kbit, and "lite" versions encoded at 160kbit. A DVD of "full" MP3s contains the equivalent of 6 WAV DVDs, while a "lite" DVD contains the equivalent of 8 WAV DVDs. The content of each version is identical, except for the bitrate.

In February, 2010, d-Wizz released a box set collection of WAV Discs 1-72 available as either 12 "full" (224kbit) MP3 DVDs or 9 "lite" (160kbit) MP3 DVDs. DVDs 73 - 82 have also been released, but not on MP3 DVD format. There is also an additional 40Gb of mastered WAV files which have not been released to date for various reasons. A list of these files is available in the Pending section. d-Wizz is currently undertaking an overhaul of the entire project, which is expected to run for the rest of 2010 and into 2011. Mastering additional titles will continue during this time, but this is not a priority at the moment. MP3s of Pending titles are available as unofficial releases, however please note that these files will be moved as soon as they are "officially" released on a WAV DVD.

Further information is available within this extensive mini website, or by e-mailing d-Wizz.

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