Hits of the Month

This series features ten or twelve tracks for each month for the 20 years between 1975 and 1994 (a total of 240 items).

Tracks are selected according to the following criteria:

Tracks will not necessarily appear in any particular order.
Chart information used to test these criteria is David Kent's Australian Chart Book series.
Release dates for non-charting singles and albums are approximated from the best availble information.
Australian chart performance is often very different to Billboard (US) or UK/Europe chart performance.
Release schedules between territories frequently varies.
An item released in a given territory may not necessarily be released in another at all.
For this series, Australian release schedules and chart performances form the basis on which the criteria are tested.


1975TCF 008TCF 012TCF 016TCF 021TCF 030TCF 031TCF 045TCF 049TCF 050TCF 052TCF 056TCF 057
1976TCF 063TCF 067TCF 071TCF 078TCF 085TCF 089TCF 092TCF 093TCF 096TCF 100TCF 101TCF 103
1977TCF 104TCF 108TCF 116TCF 118TCF 192TCF 197TCF 198TCF 199TCF 212TCF 216TCF 228TCF 229
1978TCF 238TCF 242TCF 246TCF 251TCF 259TCF 264TCF 268TCF 277TCF 281TCF 285TCF 298TCF 324
1979TCF 329TCF 333TCF 342TCF 346TCF 350TCF 357TCF 363TCF 367TCF 376TCF 381TCF 383TCF 386
1980TCF 387TCF 392TCF 398TCF 404TCF 411TCF 413TCF 415TCF 425TCF 433TCF 441TCF 443TCF 444
1981TCF 450TCF 457TCF 459TCF 473TCF 476TCF 477TCF 502TCF 506TCF 513TCF 515TCF 519TCF 528
1982TCF 532TCF 538TCF 542TCF 550TCF 553TCF 554TCF 558TCF 560TCF 565TCF 580TCF 581TCF 582
1983TCF 587TCF 588TCF 589TCF 593TCF 597TCF 601TCF 607TCF 612TCF 616TCF 618TCF 619TCF 632
1984TCF 634TCF 643TCF 645TCF 647TCF 658TCF 661TCF 663TCF 669TCF 671TCF 675TCF 680TCF 681
1985TCF 684TCF 690TCF 692TCF 693TCF 697TCF 706TCF 713TCF 719TCF 721TCF 723TCF 725TCF 728
1986TCF 731TCF 732TCF 741TCF 749TCF 750TCF 752TCF 754TCF 758TCF 763TCF 766TCF 771TCF 772
1987TCF 775TCF 778TCF 780TCF 783TCF 788TCF 793TCF 802TCF 805TCF 808TCF 809TCF 811TCF 815
1988TCF 817TCF 819TCF 821TCF 824TCF 826TCF 828TCF 830TCF 831TCF 832TCF 834TCF 835TCF 836
1989TCF 838TCF 840TCF 841TCF 846TCF 848TCF 850TCF 854TCF 855TCF 856TCF 858TCF 860TCF 862
1990TCF 865TCF 866TCF 867TCF 870TCF 871TCF 873TCF 877TCF 879TCF 884TCF 886TCF 888TCF 891
1991TCF 893TCF 897TCF 898TCF 899TCF 900TCF 901TCF 904TCF 906TCF 908TCF 910TCF 912TCF 914
1992TCF 919TCF 922TCF 923TCF 924TCF 927TCF 929TCF 931TCF 932TCF 934TCF 939TCF 940TCF 941
1993TCF 942TCF 945TCF 947TCF 948TCF 953TCF 954TCF 956TCF 961TCF 962TCF 964TCF 966TCF 967
1994TCF 969TCF 972TCF 974TCF 975TCF 980TCF 984TCF 985TCF 990TCF 991TCF 993TCF 996TCF 998
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