The TCF Library contains all items in the TCF Catalogue that are available for download. All downloadable content is presented in zip files. Audio is available as FLAC, MP3 (usually 320kbps, but this sometimes varies and will be mentioned when it does) or 144kbit AAC (iPod version). Note that while FLAC is a lossless audio format, some audio files originally came from lossy sources. Artwork is available as JPG or PDF. Printing suggestions are also included with artwork to promote better results.

Most TCF releases are also available as disc images. Audio CDs are in Nero's nrg format, while data discs (such as MP3 collections) are in standard ISO format.

In order to download the correct file, you will need to know the TCF catalogue number of your selection. This can be found on any other page in the TCF website where that item is listed. Listing the titles of everything here would make the page too cumbersome.

URL construction

When you know the TCF Catalogue numbers of the items you want, you can easily build your own list of URLs by following these steps: For Nero (nrg)/ISO images, the procedure is slightly different:

So, to download the FLAC version of TCF 006, with PDF artwork, the URLs you'll need would be:
- and

The Nero image of the same release would be :

This technique is particuarly good for use with download managers.

Quick links
Here are some quick links if you are looking for bulk downloads. Each of these links opens up a new tab containing a list of hyperlinked URLs. These URLs can be clicked on individually to download the files one at a time, or you can copy and paste them into a download manager utility.

Be warned! Most of these files are quite large (often many GB) and could take a while to download, especially if you have a slow connection. You can check the file sizes on the pop-up tab to make sure you have enough disk space.

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