TCF 551: Hit Factory Volume 6 (Megamixes 3)
01YOU SPIN ME ROUND (LIKE A RECORD)  [Murder Mix]  Dead or Alive
8'01"  (Dead Or Alive)  Chappell  ℗ 1984 CBS Records  Produced by Mike Stock & Matt Aitken for Pete Waterman Productions
02BETTER THE DEVIL YOU KNOW  [The Mad March Hare Mix]  Kylie Minogue
7'05"  ℗ 1990 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.
03TOO MANY BROKEN HEARTS  [Extended Version]  Jason Donovan
5'44"  ℗ 1989 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.  Mixed by Mixmaster Pete Hammond
04VENUS  [Extended Version]  Bananarama
7'53"  (R. Leeuwen)  Penjane/Stemra  ℗ 1986 London Records
05WHENEVER YOU NEED SOMEBODY  [Lonely Hearts Mix]  Rick Astley
7'33"  ℗ 1987 Pete Waterman Ltd.
06CROSS MY BROKEN HEART  [Cupid's Avenging Mix]  Sinitta
6'52"  ℗ 1987 Fanfare Records.
07WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO  [Extended Album Version]  Kylie Minogue
7'46"  ℗ 1991 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.
08NOTHING'S GONNA STOP ME NOW  [Extended Version]  Samantha Fox
7'00"  ℗ 1987 Zomba Productions Limited
09HE AIN'T NO COMPETITION  [Extended]  Brother Beyond
7'01"  ℗ 1988 EMI Records Ltd.  Mixed by Mixmaster Pete Hammond for PWL
10THIS TIME I KNOW IT'S FOR REAL  [Extended Version]  Donna Summer
7'21"  (Stock/Aitken/Waterman/Summer)  Mushroom/Rondor/Control  ℗ 1989 WEA Records Ltd.  Mixed by Mixmaster Pete Hammond
11GET READY  [Extended Version]  Carol Hitchcock
7'38"  (W. Robinson)  CBS Songs  ℗ 1987 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.
12*THAT'S THE WAY IT IS  [Extended Version]  Mel & Kim
6'49"  ℗ 1988 Supreme Records Ltd.
All tracks written and produced by Stock/Aitken/Waterman, and published by Mushroom except as indicated.
*Track 12 does not appear on the CD edition.

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