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TCF 076: Off Target (Australia, Volume 5)
1SHOW ME THE WAY TO THE JUNGLE  Leon Berger  3'15"
(Leon Berger)  Associated  ℗ 1977 EMI Records Australia Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Russell Dunlop in association with Leon Betrger
2SELF DECEIVER  Jenny Morris  3'31"
(J. Morris/P. Kelly)  MMA/Mushroom  ℗ 1989 Warner Music Australia Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Andrew Farriss
3THE LIVING KIND  Ups & Downs  3'46"
(G. Atkinson/D. Atkinson)  Control  ℗ 1986 Truetone Records, under license from Ups & Downs  Produced by Alan Thorne and Ups & Downs
4BRIDGES  Chris Bailey  3'59"
(C. J. Bailey)  Lost/Mushroom  ℗ 1991 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Jim Gaines and Chris Bailey
5WALKING IN THE DARK  Deckchairs Overboard  3'50"
(Deckchairs Overboard)  Regular  ℗ 1984 Regular Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Mark Opitz
6JEALOUS HEART  Go 101  3'51"
(Wilson/Alan)  Marble  ℗ 1989 PolyGram Records  Produced by Daniel Alan
7STREETS OF YOUR TOWN  Go-Betweens  3'37"
(Forster/McLennan)  Mushroom  ℗ 1988 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Mark Wallis
8IF THE WELL RUNS DRY  Shane Howard  4'37"
(Shane Howard)  Uluru  ℗ 1990 BMG Records  Produced by Mark Moffatt with Shane Howard
9SISTER MADLY  Crowded House  2'53"
(Neil Finn)  Mushroom  ℗ 1988 Capitol Records Inc.  Produced by Mitchell Froom
10HEAVEN AND EARTH  Tanya Bowra  4'00"
(T. Bowra)  Rondor  ℗ 1989 The Australian Broadcasting Corporation  Produced by Bernie Lynch and Rex Goh
11WHAT CAN I DO  Spaniards  3'59"
(M. Mannock/B. Miller)  Restaurant/Rondor  ℗ 1986 EMI Records Australia Ltd.  Produced by Mark S. Berry for MSB Records
12NATURALLY  Clive Young  3'34"
(C. Young)  Castle  ℗ 1989 True Tone Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Kevin Stanton for Stanlee Productions
13HERO  Steeltown  3'53"
(A. Richmond)  Warner/Chappell  ℗ 1991 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd./True Tone Productions.  Produced by Peter Byton
14LESSONS IN LOVE  Promise  3'37"
(The Promise)  Festival  ℗ 1987 Parole Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Peter Williams
15KABUKI  Geisha  3'53"
(C. Doheny)  Castle  ℗ 1985 EMI Records Australia Ltd.  Produced by Peter Dawkins for The Giant Production Company
16DANCED IN THE FIRE  Sharon O'Neill  4'04"
(S. O'Neill)  MCA/Gilbey  ℗ 1987 Polydor International Music BV  Produced by Alan Mansfield
17ROOM FULL OF DIAMONDS  Radiators  3'54"
(Brian Nichols)  Penjane  ℗ 1981 7 Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Spencer Lee for 7 Records Pty. Ltd.
18ONLY LOVE WILL SET YOU FREE  Tracey Arbon  4'24"
(Nick Graham/Bob Mitchell)  Essex/Chappell  ℗ 1989 Festival Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Chong Lim  Production consultant: Mark Moffatt
19LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP  Schnell Fenster  3'49"
(Judd/Griggs/den Elzen/Crombie)  Castle/Mushroom  ℗ 1988 EMI Records Ltd.  Produced by Schnell Fenster, Clive Langer & Alan Winstanley
20HEAVEN  Angry  4'34"
(Anderson/Slamer)  Mushroom  ℗ 1990 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Michael Slamer

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