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(A. Burns)
TCF 028: Off Target (Australia, Volume 2)
1CARS & PLANES  [7" Remix]  Machinations  3'23"
(Machinations/John Ferris)  Mushroom  ℗ 1989 White Label Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Andy Wallace  Remix and additional production by Mark S. Berry for MSB Records Pty. Ltd.
2MUST BELIEVE  [Edited Version]  Venetians  4'01"
(Swinn/Thomas)  Warner Bros./B. Thomas  ℗ 1988 Parole Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Mark Opitz for Pacific Deluxe Pty. Ltd.
3LISTEN  [Single Version]  Eurogliders  3'28"
(Bernie Lynch)  Warner Bros.  ℗ 1988 Nostata Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Bernie Lince and David Price, in association with Peter Cobbin and Jim Taig
4MY MACHINES  Jane Clifton  3'34"
(M. Random)  Mushroom  ℗ 1984 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Joe Camilleri
5PICTURE IN THE PAPER  [Single Version]  Arvo  3'06"
(D. Gray/R. Nicholson)  Nicholsongs/CBS Songs  ℗ 1984 CBS Productions Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Arvo
(Steve Kipner/John Parker)  ATV Northern/MCA Gilbey  ℗ 1982 CBS Records Australia Limited  Produced by Tommy Emmanuel & Alan Mansfield
7THE HOUSE IS SHAKING  [7" Version]  Boy Rocking  3'50"
(Punch/Williams/Punch)  CBS Songs  ℗ 1985 CBS Productions Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Phil and Mark Punch
8SOMETHING SPECIAL  Clive Young  4'32"
(C. Young)  Castle  ℗ 1989 True Tone Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Kevin Stanton for Stanlee Productions
9WHO DO YOU LOVE  Mark Holden  3'36"
(Holden/Hamilton/Pickus)  American Weekend/Dream Dealers  ℗ 1982 American Weekend/Dream Dealers Productions  Produced by Chris Bunt, Peter Hamilton & Mark Holden for American Weekend/Dream Dealers Productions
10LAND OF THE LIVING  [7" Version]  Mark Edwards  3'50"
(Hegerty/Edwards)  Warner Bros./Mushroom  ℗ 1986 WEA Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Mark Edwards and Michael Hegerty  Mixed by John Morales
11HOME FOR MY HEART  Tim Finn  4'04"
(Finn)  Mushroom  ℗ 1985 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Phil Manzanera
12CLOCKWORK CLOWN  Technicians  3'07"
(Andy Richmond, from an original idea by John Martina)  AMCOS  ℗ 1987 The Technicians  Produced by The Technicians
13GETTING INTO LOVE  Lynne Hamilton  2'59"
(J. Parker)  ATV Northern  ℗ 1979 Dillon Artist Enterprises  Produced by Alan Galbraith and Mike Harvey
14PICK YOU UP  Tony Llewellyn  3'27"
(T. Llewellyn/C. Nicolaou/O. Parise)  Warner Bros.  ℗ 1988 WEA Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Ricky Fataar and Larry von Kriedt
15HOP, SKIP, JUMP  Orphans  2'56"
16IT'S A SHAME  [Radio Mix]  S-Witch  3'43"
(Alston Koch/Tambi Fernando)  Control/BMG Music  ℗ 1991 BMG Arista/Ariola Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Tambi Fernando
17LAND OF THE VIDEO  Brian Cadd  4'23"
(S. Brannan/E. Stevens)  Image  ℗ 1985 Graffiti Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Brian Cadd and Ern Rose for Fairydust Productions
18ONE FINE DAY  James Freud  4'40"
(James Freud)  Mushroom  ℗ 1989 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Bernard Edwards
19THE FINER THINGS  Beargarden  3'37"
(Beargarden)  MMA/Rondor  ℗ 1984 Virgin Records Australia Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Ross Cockle
20WORK AND SAVE  [7" Version]  Johnny Batchelor  3'38"
(J. Batchelor)  MMA  ℗ 1986 WEA Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Murray Burns  Remixed by Peter Williams

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