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TCF 006: Off Target (Australia, Volume 1)
1BEST FOOT FORWARD  [7" Version]  Martin Plaza  2'59"
(Martin Plaza)  Syray  ℗ 1986 Syray Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Charles Fisher
2NEVER GONNA STOP  Indecent Obsession  3'49"
(Dixon/Szumowski)  Warner/Chappell  ℗ 1989 Melodian Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Mark Berry for MSB Productions Pty. Ltd.
3IF I GET LUCKY  [Single Version]  Little River Band  3'58"
(Mike Chapman)  Chappell  ℗ 1990 MCA Records Inc.  Produced by Dennis Lambert for Tuneworks
4IS IT...?  [7even inch mix]  Melissa  4'12"
(D. Johnson/J. Sanchez/F. Rodriguez/J. Edgehill)  EMI/Control  ℗ 1993 Phonogram Records  Produced by Doug Brady for Baby Doll Productions  Rap by Tony Kopa
5GIMME LITTLE SIGN  [7" Version]  Nikki Nichols  3'10"
(Smith/Hooven/Winn)  Harry Fox  ℗ 1987 Nikki Nichols  Produced by Ross Cockle
6PERMANENT FRIEND  Girl Overboard  3'49"
(Lisa Schouw/Robin Gist/Brett McNaughton)  Warner Bros.  ℗ 1989 BMG Arista/Ariola Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Ross Fraser
(Dennis Wilson)  Water Music/Trafalgar  ℗ 1980 Regular Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Charles Fisher
8RESURRECTION SHUFFLE  Cattletruck  4'00"
(Tony Ashton)  Castle  ℗ 1987 Regular Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by David Courtney
9MY IMAGINATION  Vertical Hold  2'56"
(Mountzouris/Michalopoulos)  AMCOS  ℗ 1981 RCA Australia Ltd.  Production credit unavailable
10TOTAL ECLIPSE  [7" Version]  Expression  4'31"
(The Expression)  Mushroom  ℗ 1983 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Charles Fisher
11WALK ON THE WILD SIDE '89  [Radio Mix]  Jeff Duff Orchestra  4'38"
(Lou Reed)  BMG Music  ℗ 1989 Captain Vimto Records  Produced by Jeff Duff Orchestra, assisted by Kathy Naunton
12DREAM ON (KATHY'S SONG)  [Single Version]  Jenni Forbes  3'58"
(Jenni Forbes)  Mushroom  ℗ 1993 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Peter Wolf for Wild west Inc.
13SUGAR DADDY  [7" Version]  Mighty Big Crime  3'44"
(Phillips/Lodge)  Warner/Chappell/Virgin  ℗ 1991 Virgin Records Australia Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Rod Gammons
14WHISPERING YOUR NAME  Ignatius Jones  3'28"
(Jules Shear)  MCA/Gilbey  ℗ 1983 Wombat Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Chris Gilbey
15ZERO  Jenny Morris  4'33"
(J. Morris/A. Farriss)  MMA  ℗ 1991 Warner Music Australia Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Nick Launay
16RISE  Chosen Few  4'04"
(P. Reed/D. McCarthy)  Mushroom  ℗ 1989 Mushroom Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Guy Gray
17MISSED YOU ALL ALONG  [Album Version]  Koo de Tah  3'24"
(Leon Berger)  Why Music  ℗ 1986 PolyGram Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Leon Berger and Doug Henderson
18ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME  John Farnham  3'13"
(Tarney/Spence)  Castle  ℗ 1977 Festival Records Pty. Ltd.  Produced by Gerry Stevens
19ALL FIRED UP  Rattling Sabres  4'32"
(Kerryn Tolhurst)  Noble Rot  ℗ 1987 Mighty Boy Records  Produced by Kerryn Tolhurst
20OZ RAP  Histrionics  3'19"
(J. Biggins/G. Kelso/G. Killeen/J. Rigg)  Control  ℗ 1988 Hayden Productions  Executive Producer: John Chapman

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