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BIBLE BOOKS CHALLENGE by Adi Moe, reproduced with permission

INSTRUCTIONS: Find the names of 33 Bible books hidden in the following text

Extensive market research has proven that in this paper, there are half the books of the Bible. One of the 'Chrome Genes' is the gene that signals the brain to locate specific words and in this paper you will only find them at the worst of moments. For most, it's only by fluke that you will uncover them, but for others it may be easier. By keeping each sentence systemic, Ahkmal Sumatra, author of this review has developed quite the challenge.

Quick Review of 'Halfixes' by John Thag

Using prefixes, if one pet erases half of itself to form two beings, it uses the prefix demi (-creature). While the other one, (hemi) Ahkmal created for signifying half shapes. Relating to artificial intelligence, this AI (Ahkmal created) concept works like this. You wouldn't find normal a chicken fused with horses. There is just too much 'weird' in it. Like a banana, hummingbird and a tree becoming a bammingtree! The prefix demi is an influential word!

Similarly, a hemi-dice would look weird with a few of the numbers missing. A road trip with friends would be tragic if the shape of my ute (named Rono after my dog) was hemi-shaped. Though there would be beer, it still would not be as enjoyable. To fit the brew, snacks, icecream and all of us in the 'specifically' made ute (Rono), my friends and I would need to modify the tract, steering tools and engine of the ute.
'Half' prefixes (Halfixes) can be used very powerfully in the English language and the book states that it cannot be deciphered alone. John Thag gained much respect in the writing of this universally acclaimed book and will continue to do so in years to come.

Writer's Reflection

When I moved into the small Bengal nation of Medan, I elected to stop writing for a while. Because when I arrived my "writer's jam", estimated at twice a day, was so bad, I (Ahkmal) now just wanted to research; especially while the two kings of their neighbouring tribes ruthlessly fought Medan without success. Now the defence of such a town whose assault line was impenetrable, was something I wanted to exploit. It used various methods to fight, all taught through the tribe gym or 'Tojo'. Eliminating rival tribes required disciplined Tojo Shualin and Tenko techniques. Costumes, half man, half creature were created to scare rival tribes away and their use of these pretend demicreatures sparked my interest in the study of these prefixes. My brother Ian assisted in my observations. This is his story.

I assisted in Bengal at Ian's company AMCO making a mostly stable interest in hair products. But soon after, Stampy's Salon (known as S Salon) down the street started selling their own cheaper products. Knowing his AMCO loss, Ian's (our) father had to now phone the S Salon. "Ian's nearly 40 now with a successful business! And you bozos have put him out of the job!" For this reason, he sold his company and joined my venture. For other queries on Hemi/Demi prefixes, my CDrom answers all frequently asked questions.

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