5.2 - Membranophonic Services

5.2.3 - Let me show you how it's done!
If you or anyone you know is interested in learning to play the drums -
then this is the page for you!

For personal one-on-one tuition, if you come to me, you can have 30 minutes of coaching for just $10.95*, or if you want a double helping, you can have a full hour with me for just $17.60* - an absolute bargain!
Alternatively, if you pay a negotiable call-out fee, I'll come out to you up to 120km return - with or without a drum kit! It's your call. You can also get instructions and advice from me right here on the Internet! But I strongly recommend that you also get someone else to coach you if you choose the online option.
*prices Include GST.

LEARN TO PLAY DRUMS ONLINE NOW! - d-Wizz' Online Academy of Membranophonic Instruction: NOW OPEN!

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