3.4 - Dedication Statement

I am in continual praise and thanks to God for the gifts He has given me. I made a promise to God before I made that important decision in 1991, that I would endeavour to use whatever came out of it for His glory. God has blessed me so much through playing drums, that I am convinced I made the right decision. Please pray for me; I am continually being attacked by the Enemy. I also battle with my selfish human nature, which wants to take this gift and use it for personal gain. I ask that God would have me be a good steward of His gifts. Following is a prayer I have written, dedicating my gift to God.

May God be pleased with what He sees and hears when I play.

"Lord, thank You for giving me this gift.
I want to use it for you in the further expansion of Your Kingdom.
I ask for Your guidance as I play for You.
You know how much I love playing the drums for You -
praising and worshipping You alone in music.
I know You are pleased with what You see and hear.
You have placed a burning passion in my heart to play for you
as much as possible, and I delight to do Your will.

"O Lord, please be with be as I play,
continue to stretch me and expand me,
so that I may reach my full potential,
and exalt Your Mighty Name even more.

"Grant to me the opportunities to play often,
in any place, any time, strengthening me
to resist the hesitation and intimidation of the Enemy.


Written by d-Wizz, 1997-07-08

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