3.2 - Things I Like

Here are some of my favourite things:

Numbers, except zero, and numbers ending with zero
Membranophones, especially the snare drum
The Bible
Free phone calls
Working alone
Vinyl Records
Air temperatures in the range 20 - 30C
Sound engineering
Writing songs
80s Music
Mental exercises
Schmidt G2 taximeters
5-speed manual transmissions
Long words (in case you haven't already noticed)
Talking with people who like some of the things in this list

Foods: chilli, garlic, noodles, yoghurt, chocolate custard, ginger beer, chicken, seaweed, Milo, smoked oysters
Oh, and I just wanna say that the Hungry Jack's (Burger King) Whopper with Cheese is the best burger in the world! - Thank you.
Music: Rock, Techno, Jazz, Blues, Country, Pop, Classical. I sometimes even like a bit of opera.
I cannot handle any one genre of music for more than 15 minutes at a time - I've got to have a wide variety.

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