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I am currently living at Bowen Hills, about 2km north of the CBD of Brisbane. I have been here since January, 2005.
I attend Moore Park Baptist Church at Indooroopilly, which has about 60 - 80 people for each of the two morning services and about 50 - 60 for the evening service. I enjoy worshipping God and playing the drums there.

My most recent release is "d-Wizz Fav Trax", which is available on audio CD [808979-2] with 24 tracks, or as an MP3 CD [808969-3], with 51 files. In 2002, I completed the first of two Demo Singles Box Sets, which are both rather large projects of 12-14 CD singles (including a few EPs) each, plus a highlights compilation CD and a remixes & rarities CD for each Box Set. Work on the second Box Set commenced in October, 2002 and has been very sporadic to date. Eventually, there will also be 5 instrumental CDs available from this project.

I am still working on completing the Demo Singles project, due for release any time soon!

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