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Personal facts at a glance
Full Name: David James Barker
Alias: d-Wizz, assumed in 1992
Physical Birth: Thursday, 1974-08-08, 1942hrs, Brisbane, Australia.
Spiritual Birth: 1982-08-08, 0800hrs (approx.), Brisbane, Australia.

Greetings from d-Wizz! Let me share with you a brief story of my life thus far. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy the journey. Those of you who grew up in Brisbane may find yourself walking down memory lane...

Part I is chronological from 1974 - 1990, while Part II from 1991 onwards, is more subject oriented. There's a lot more information about my musical development in the d-Wizz Music section of this site.

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1.1.2 - Part II (1991 - 2002)

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