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On 2010-08-29, d-Wizz left Australia to visit Japan and Korea. The trip was to last 79 days, with 5 of these in Japan. This was the longest overseas trip to date.

After his Korean adventure in 2009, d-Wizz produced a 20-minute video consisting solely of still photographs taken on that trip, plus a few custom made slides.
The soundtrack for the video was created specially by d-Wizz from his collection of K-Pop vinyl LPs which he had bought while in Busan.
This video is still available for viewing on the Korean section of the d-Wizz website.

Now it is time for the 2010 trip to be commemorated in a similar way, but this time, there will be much more to enjoy in the experience.

Not only was the 2010 trip longer than any other before it, but there were also a few important video clips deemed worthy of sharing.
And of course, a lot more K-Pop for the soundtrack!

It was decided that the 2010 edition of Korean Picture Book would be five short movies, each covering a small portion of the trip.
Each segment links seamlessly with the next, and a full-length movie with all five parts has also been released on the website and on VCD.

Part 1 covers the Japanese leg of the trip between 2010-08-30 and 2010-09-02. Two driving videos are included in this section.

Part 2 covers the period 2010-09-02 to 2010-09-20 and includes the "three drummers" video made in Daegu and a panoramic video of Seoul from Gwanaksan on a very rare clear seeing day.

Part 3 covers the period 2010-09-21 to 2010-10-10, including the Seoul Drum Festival and the Jinju Namgung Yudeung Festival.

Part 4 covers the period 2010-10-10 to 2010-10-31, and includes a special 10-minute concert performance in Cheonan by Baekam Methodist Church worship team.

Part 5 covers the period 2010-11-01 to 2010-11-15, including a few short drum videos in Busan.

d-Wizz invites you to share the special memories of the Korean Picture Book 2010, and is looking forward to visiting Korea again in 2012.

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